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Yet to Write – Freeverse

Yet to Write – Freeverse

I won a poetry contest.
My best friend gave me
a bowl of confetti,
her pearly smile
failing the gleaming sun.
She danced around,
crowned my head with
a laurel wreath,
and garlanded me with
her praises and glories.
I looked at her,
eyes deprived of victory.
My voice strewn
with melancholy, I said,
“I am yet to write
my favourite poem.”
She stopped, stunned.
My words burning her
like acetic acid.
“But you are your
favourite poem.
Your words are just
fragments of you.”
And that resonated.
I’ve never felt like a
ball of gloom since then,
for I am my favourite poem.

©Kavya Janani. U

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