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Why’d You Do This, Universe? – Freeverse

Why’d You Do This, Universe? – Freeverse

How do I define this?
Maybe it just is.
Maybe it doesn’t know that
when I fall, I fall deep.
I burn in this volcano,
begging the void,
pleading the breeze,
Beseeching whoever
pulling these strings
To leave me alone.
To not do this.
Not again.
Not this time.
Not at any time.
I warn the power-
either you give me
the full ambrosia
or you give me
Nothing at all.
To bring things unfolding
in the subconscious
to the conscious
is a heinous crime.
Now how do I heal from this?
From this overdose
of something so bittersweet?
Or at least teach me
how to un-manifest
Connections like these.

©Kavya Janani. U

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