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What’s Broken – Freeverse

What’s Broken – Freeverse

What’s broken
(after Dorianne Laux)

The corner of a beautiful ceramic plate.
The lovable Taurus mug.

The moon, its fragments scattered
all over his hazel eyes, beige skin,
and tranquil heart.

My mother’s mangalsutra,
the stones and beads scrawling away
like they craved to stick to another sternum.

The tips of all lady’s fingers. Jasmine buds.
Sandwich biscuits. Door stoppers.

A part of my faith. Fifteen years ago,
the potted balsam plant.

Broken my voice, my identity.
The fountain pen that gave birth
to all my doggerels and limericks.

The dragonfly on my porch.
Fancy clay pots. Age-old traditions.

Forevermore, my obsidian heart,
by a longing that never ceases.

©Kavya Janani. U

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