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What I Learned During The Two Stages of Labour – List Poem

What I Learned During The Two Stages of Labour – List Poem

1. It’s okay to laugh out loud at cute cat videos or Tom & Jerry videos at the beginning of your early labour, while people throw you nasty stares.

2. You can gently ask people to leave, while you battle this war alone. Or, you can make them your allies, though they can’t feel the catastrophe unfolding in you.

3. Bathtubs and loofahs might be your luxury companions at the early stage. You needn’t ask anyone’s advice for pampering yourself.

4. Walking is not merriment. What with the seismic waves contracting your womb and the little one dancing on your bladder.

5. Induced labour is uglier than natural labour. They do all sorts of uncomfortable things – applying something that seems like aloe vera gel, but stings like a tincture, and rupturing your membranes that you’d feel your entire body pop.

6. You can scream, cry, holler, and swear. You can even vomit all the poems that you’ve read in your life. But you cannot escape this phenomenon, once you’ve opted for it.

7. Yes, you could be religious or you can choose to summon the devil. You can take a smiley ball to the bed or just clench your palms and grit your teeth. Any method of coping is fine.

8. Pooping on the delivery bed is an acceptable embarrassment. Especially after they had cleaned you up with an enema.

9. They tell you not to shout ‘amma’. But it is the first word mouthed by humankind. Also, it is your effing choice to shout what and whatnot.

10. It’s okay to accept that the experience was traumatic and it’s okay to bitch about it to your friends. And, no, it doesn’t stop when your fingers graze your newborn’s back. It could give you nightmares in the long run.

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