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Unborn Twins – Freeverse

Unborn Twins – Freeverse

TW: death, infant loss

Their voice, their tone.
Sounds never heard.

Their cries, their wails.
Hunger never satisfied.

Their coos, their laughs.
Babbles never heard.

Their frocks, their pants.
Dresses never worn.

Their dolls, their toys.
Playthings never bought.

Their catnaps, their snoozes.
Sleepless nights never experienced.

Their cereals, their mashed potatoes.
Foods never eaten.

Their bibs, their swaddles.
Accessories never needed.

Their kisses, their cuddles.
Emotions never felt.

Their themes, their colors.
Nurseries never decorated.

Their diapers, their nappies.
Laundry never done.

They, they.
Babies never born.

©Kavya Janani. U

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