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Two Places At Once – Freeverse

Two Places At Once – Freeverse

No one can be in two places at once
but I am here sitting on the swivelling
Detrimental chair
My fingers straying over the
Abominable keys
All these material things loaded
With your absence
Become less and less loved
But I am also in our strange
Farewell moment
Holding your cottony palm
Sobs stagnated in my throat
My eyes cocooning unspoken love
My lips dancing to the silent tune of
Don’t go away don’t go away
I definitely don’t need time-travel to
Be in two places at once
Your name thrown casually in the air
Would always suffice

©Kavya Janani. U

I wrote this poem as a response to the prompt, ‘Write a poem with the opening line ‘No one can be in two places at once’. Extra challenge – try not to use any punctuation and create space for breath in your form!’

The original form of the poem looked like this:

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