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Transcendental Bond – Freeverse

Transcendental Bond – Freeverse

How evergreen is the silent morning!
The sky silverish, birds gliding,
and squirrels frolicking on the trees.
Amidst all this, she is shrouded
by the mystery she’s reading from the book,
while her heart sings a song for someone.
Some transcendental bond with him.
She keeps dreaming about his face,
how his entire soul lits up when he smiles.
She digs, digs, digs, deep within her,
trying to work out the universe’s theories-
Why should it hurl a wrecking ball at her
that’s a blessing and also a curse?
Right then, the silent morning dissolves.
And she’s left alone with her enigma.

©Kavya Janani. U

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