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Things To Do in Hell – List Poem

Things To Do in Hell – List Poem

Things to do in hell
(after Chris Martin)

Buy a ballroom dress
Gorge on stuffed garlic bread
Wash away all your guilt
Build a mobile library
Create a ruckus

Join a baking class
Bring the 896 screenshots to 563
Wish a lot
Play the bagpipes
Write volumes of memoirs
Show some skin

Get a dragon tattoo
Design a replica of Medusa’s head
Curse without any care
Burn heartbreaks
Go bungee jumping
Fight with Bukowski

Drink eggnog
Melt the regrets
Declutter Devil’s shelves
Build bridges
Scrub a lemon peel over all the scars

Search for good chocolates
Make peace with skeletons
Perform a Flamenco dance
Drive a Ferrari
Not worry about rent
Share your brain

Push away nostalgia
Make your own clocks
Severe stupid ties
Get lost
Let your secrets out
Swallow the fire and become the light

©Kavya Janani. U

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