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Things That Keep Me Warm – List Poem

Things That Keep Me Warm – List Poem

Things that keep me warm
(after Diane Lato)

Summer rains / appreciation that stems from the bottom of someone’s heart / milk-tea brewed with ginger and cardamom / lying on the terrace under the starlit sky / his full-curved smile / honey added to hot milk / Coldplay’s Hymn for the Weekend / A.R.Rahman’s Rehna Tu / Apparat’s Goodbye / my daughter’s bone-crushing hug / her baby language / her butterfly kisses / kissing her on her supple cheeks / petrichor / a bowl of hot instant noodles / the smell of onions frying in the pan / folklore and evermore / Agnes Obel’s voice / intense nostalgia / chats with like-minded friends / talking about existence, time-travel, afterlife, aliens, and quantum entanglement / reading wish lists / Sylvia Plath’s barred soul in her journals / singing loudly / picture-postcard clouds.

©Kavya Janani. U

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