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Things I Left Behind – Freeverse

Things I Left Behind – Freeverse

Amidst the things I left behind,⠀
you’ll find a piece of me,⠀
that’s struggling to swim⠀
through the air I breath⠀
and stick to my scarred skin,⠀
forever reminding me about⠀
heartbreaks, collapses,⠀
a man’s traumatizing gropes,⠀
a girl’s privileged bullying,⠀
and a society’s ululations⠀
questioning my right to speak out.⠀
That piece of me is weakness,⠀
one that tongue-ties me⠀
and makes me swallow⠀
all the things that I have to say.⠀
But I evade that piece cleverly,⠀
for I am now a woman with⠀
a hundred mouths,⠀
each crying a truth of mine.⠀
There’s ink on my palms,⠀
as I reverently write about⠀
all the murky waters⠀
that I swam through in silence.⠀
That piece of me is not mine now.⠀
That piece deserves that place-⠀
amidst the things I left behind.⠀

©Kavya Janani. U

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