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The Moon Search – Freeverse

The Moon Search – Freeverse

Eyes anchoring darkness,
feet on a patterned mosaic,
crushing on colonies of red and black ants,
body reeking of the loaded day’s stench,
heart crooning requiems,
I looked for her hither-thither. 

Alas! My sight beheld two incandescent stars
on the pitch charcoaled sky.
But, oh whitewashed orb, where are you?
I wondered.
Stepping inside the car,
I stuck my eyes to the varnished glass window.
Streets, buildings, and trees gashed at my eyeballs,

The delight I wished to behold
well hidden from my roves.
My lips sealed, my lungs belched out
a wolf’s howl, summoning her.
Ah! There came the brilliant angelic lady,
like a huge blob of butterscotch ice-cream
specked with blackcurrants. 

Oh, lustrous, buttery moon!
Come, do this to me daily.
I’d gather all my demons
and to your melody, I’d swoon.
Bleached cream, you hang there.
Let me drink from you
and turn my dirges into ballads.

Let me sleep on your lap and turn myself
into a poem. 

©Kavya Janani. U

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