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The Great Wiper – List Poem

The Great Wiper – List Poem

Who are you? 

A mum. 

What are you good at?


What did/do you wipe?

  1. Shit coagulated with a puddle of urine. You are the best human being in the world if you can master this.
  1. Bums, with wipes that smell so good that I can wipe bums forever.
  1. Curdled milk sliding out of a teeny-weeny nostril (nightmares that I’d never forget).
  1. Vomit (triggered by a nasty burp) – this is bone-deep sorrow when you had suffered for an hour to make your kid eat.
  1. Slimy mucus that drips like rubber sap, which should be wiped before it reaches your kid’s lips.
  1. Dried-cereal mouth, because I had forgotten in the process of washing the cereal bowl and had to be reminded by a voice telling, ‘Mummy, mouth wash!’
  1. Tears, lots and lots of them, because I said no to something ridiculous that my kid did (one of those times when I become a bad mother in front of her eyes).

©Kavya Janani. U

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