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The Art of Forgetting – Freeverse

The Art of Forgetting – Freeverse

I think I am getting better at this.
This ‘forgetting’ is turning into
my favorite pastime.
I still sauté poems for you,
but I always overcook them.
I keep unfinished poems to dry
in the scorching sunlight,
but I forget to take them back,
because I am occupied with
the art of forgetting you.
I’d serve you hot love in a cup,
but it’d scald your tongue,
for now, I mix anger in it.
You are still my cherished journal,
but I don’t press flowers on you anymore.
I am mastering this rare art.
So, don’t you come back with your
‘we are better as friends’ rigmarole.

©Kavya Janani. U

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