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Taylor Swift Wants Auroras and Sad Prose, What Do I Want?

Taylor Swift Wants Auroras and Sad Prose, What Do I Want?

I want this escalator to lead me directly to an infinity pool and not to the same old landing that’d take me to my office.

I want to stuff my body with forget-me-nots to forget better.

I want an unlimited supply of hot sizzling brownies so that I can choke on the sweetness instead of choking on my regrets.

I want a day without customers and their sliminess flowing down my neck.

I want a music player wired inside my brain to play all the long-forgotten songs while I slog my day away.

I want snowflakes to drop every time he says my name.

I want to unwind at a spa every day.

I want nostalgia to sweep me up so much that I am inside the scenes and not just revisiting them.

I want a Standard Operating Procedure for motherhood.

I want to be in better control of my PMS.

I want to study time and its properties and its functioning and its blah blah blah because I want more and more and more of it.

I want to be less stuffed, and more liberated.

©Kavya Janani. U

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