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Status Update – List Poem

Status Update – List Poem

Status update
(after Rebecca Lindenberg)

Kavya Janani is irritated again. She imagines strangling the next customer who extends a passbook at her. Kavya Janani is brooding over her existence again. Is daydreaming too much about the road not taken. Kavya Janani considers poetry as soul-cleansing but wonders whether it really cleanses her soul. Kavya Janani wants to make milk powder her staple food. Wants to scream, scream, and scream till she can no longer scream. Kavya Janani is craving more time. Is wishing that a day would turn into 32 hours. Is googling about spells for traveling back in time. Kavya Janani is tired again. She is thinking of her life as one big bad day. Is sterilizing the feeding bottles again, wondering if she is a good mother. Kavya Janani would like to invite you to listen to her soliloquy. Would stay as your friend if you don’t behave like an idiot. Kavya Janani is pining for someone who has only platonic feelings for her. Kavya Janani is not giving time a chance to heal her. Is creeping under the skin of nostalgia again. Is carrying too many regrets. Is constantly fighting with her mind to let her live an upbeat life. Kavya Janani is saving herself again.

©Kavya Janani. U

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