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Sleep – Freeverse

Sleep – Freeverse

Sleep tiptoes inside my skin, 
like a thief entering a familiar house. 
Drenched in his sweat, he waits, 
for the right moment to steal the energy 
I made love to all day. 

Sleep drugs me like I am the
easy catch at the party, who could be
escorted to a bedroom. 
Sleep invades me like I am an 
underdeveloped country that needs a ruler 
to re-establish customs and morals. 

Sleep forces me into a marriage 
with the nightmares I had long abandoned. 
On some nights, sleep fathers me, 
but he is a traitor who betrays me 
when I swim in my blue despondence. 

Sleep ransacks me like I have
secrets to hide in the crevices of my body. 
I am now possessed. 
I genuflect before sleep, it blesses me.
I surrender to a comatose slumber
and do not wake up until my kid stirs. 

©Kavya Janani. U

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