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Sir Eliot, April is The Cruelest Month Because… – Freeverse

Sir Eliot, April is The Cruelest Month Because… – Freeverse

It brings back all of it. All of life.

All of the moments I missed seeing the fingernail sun dipping inside the horizon.

All the times when my mother herself asked me to eat moonbeams but I was satisfied with eating filth just because she asked me to eat filth before she realized that I loved only the moonbeams.

It brings back all the moments when my bones rattled instead of the toys around me.

  It brings back memories of all the fishes that jumped out of the water to writhe, suffer, and cease.

It brings back my father’s absence and also my father’s mental absence now that he is present.

It brings back the memory of how my best friend’s crush stamped on her favorite pen to show that he disliked her.

It brings back all the bone-deepness of my regrets. All the whitewashed walls of my sacrifices. All the people who ghosted. All dead lovers. 

All migraines. All cramps. All gasps. 

Sir Eliot, April is the cruelest month because it brings back the ache through thirty days of poetry. But I can choose what to showcase and what not.

©Kavya Janani. U

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