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Self-Portrait of Poetry as a Bandage – Freeverse

Self-Portrait of Poetry as a Bandage – Freeverse

Did you get hurt? Don’t worry, I am here. By the way, I am poetry, a bandage. Here are my properties, I am:

Waterproof: Your tears don’t affect me and that’s why you need someone flexible like me to heal you. I don’t crumble like you, I am solid, strong, and everlasting. You can conjure up oceans of grief and cry them onto me, for I am your safe place. I can absorb all the congealed heartbreaks from your veins.

Adhesive: I wrap around your entirety – body, soul, mind, and heart. I stick to your trauma like a leech. When you strip me away from your system, I’d take away all the pain from you, word by word, verse by verse. My core is a soft bed, where you can stretch and unload all your injured dreams. I’ll remedy them and turn you as light as a feather.

Antiseptic: Your wounds speak of the parasites that drained you of yourself. But I am fleshed with flowers of my own and I can protect you from further parasites in human skin. I can cure your invisible wounds, repressed wounds, wounds carried over from childhood, wounds left by the ones who ghosted on you, etcetera.

P.S: I will never let you reopen your scabs. I will let you breathe.

©Kavya Janani. U

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