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Searching – Freeverse

Searching – Freeverse

I kept searching.
All day long,
I kept searching.
Strawberry grounds, crystal skies.
Paradises, goblets of ambrosia.
Time, space, other dimensions.
Unicorns, magic, palms of love.

I found a path strewn with carnations,
disappearing into a stream of lies.
I dipped my hand and pulled out
weeds of disappointment.
I wore a garland made of my
charred dreams and lost wishes.
I danced to the tunes of my sorrows.

Yet, I searched in the crevices
for dreams made of rainbows.
Searched for myself in the depths,
until I was lost in the abyss.
Then I stopped searching
in the unknown territories.
I forayed within my senses.

I sniffed my morning latte.
I listened to the crickets chirp
and the nightingales sing.
I watched the squirrels run around.
I caressed a peacock feather
on my exhausted eyes.
I tasted the falling raindrops.
And then I found my home here.
In the here and now.
The only truth that exists.
The only destination – present.

©Kavya Janani. U

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