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Remember (Motherhood Edition) – Freeverse

Remember (Motherhood Edition) – Freeverse

Remember the bones that made way.
Remember that one moment of relief when you birthed.
Remember the warm touch of your newborn.
Remember the playlists that turned companions to your sleepless nights.
Remember the calmness on your baby’s face as they latched on to you, their tiny mouth suckling rhythmically.
Remember all the healthy dishes that your mum cooked for your body’s healing.
Remember the sudden let-downs that let more love seep in your lobules.
Remember the sullen days which are uplifted by a lone cackle of laughter that ripples through the air around you.
Remember the walks where the trees smile back at your toddler.
Remember your mother, all her help and sacrifices, and how she strives to make your motherhood gentle.
Remember all the milk powder that you get to eat stealthily.
Remember the times you breathe in your toddler’s freshly-bathed fragrance.
Remember the babbles and coos.
Remember the kisses, a lot of them.
Remember, motherhood is a sweet catastrophe.
Remember, you can flaunt the artwork on your little saggy belly.
Remember, you matter, too.
Remember, you are always loved.

©Kavya Janani. U

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