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Reasons To Love You – List Poem

Reasons To Love You – List Poem

Reasons to love you

You always smell of mustard
And I love it
Your name’s kinda funny
But it is still honey to me
You have crooked teeth
You always hum my favorite song
And you’re surprisingly good at singing
You look like you’ve swallowed the sun
Your fingers are alluring
You make my heart drown in metaphors
Our wavelengths are envied
You don’t like cake
Your favorite word is ‘stupid’
You’re humility personified
Your hair is clumsy
You can’t get angry
But I’d change that, haha
Softness has built a home in your body
You saved the last part of Cornetto for me
You ghost on me sometimes
But that’s okay

©Kavya Janani. U

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