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Rage Poem – Freeverse

Rage Poem – Freeverse

Clad in ancestral ego,
you dance on my insecurities.
You brute inheritance
of patriarchy.
You vile, vile cobra.
You deodorize your audacity
with justifications.
You, an unmoving scarecrow
in a dry paddy field,
belittle my talents.

I feel like Offred,
when you insist on two.
Do I look like a vending machine?
I am definitely not Isis.
Who would want a seed
from a repetitive bastard?
Even a fertility abode wouldn’t.
With pestle and mortar,
you crush my mental health
into a fine powder
You always drive me to
something hitherto unknown,
something that always borders
on immortal insanity.

I have lost count of
the times I wished
to evaporate into nothing.
Laced with poison,
your make-believe words
prevent me even from decaying.
With you around,
I am always dancing
on the edge of madness.
Out of sight,
Out of control,
Out of every word
that sounds sweet and nice.

Off you go, reeking swine.
I have had enough of you.

©Kavya Janani. U

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