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Pahimakas (The Last Farewell) – Freeverse

Pahimakas (The Last Farewell) – Freeverse

Did he notice that I held his 
hand tighter, while it was just 
a handshake for him?
Did he not absorb my love
That was painted on my palm lines?
Why didn’t he just pull me close?
Why couldn’t I stick my forehead to his
and inhale his mustardy fragrance?
Why didn’t my heartstrings sing 
A melody that could have found
a resting place in his bones?
Why did the universe betray me
All of a sudden with his leaving?
Was there an invisible barrier
That was visible only to him?
Did he sink his teeth deep into secrecy?
I don’t have the answers.
Even if I turn into an apparition 
To know whether he cries silently
Behind closed walls and cubicles,
I will still not have the answers,
For ignorance is something profound
that’s been stitched to his being.
There are questions.
And there will be questions only.

©Kavya Janani. U

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