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Nivar Cyclone and Our Sleep Routine – Freeverse

Nivar Cyclone and Our Sleep Routine – Freeverse

A cyclone named Nivar
Comes to my rescue.
I’d tell my daughter,
It’s your sleeping cue.

Hurry up! Hurry up!
Nivar would catch you.
There’s plenty of time to be up,
and hear the cats mew.

Tender pats on her back.
Crooning a new lullaby.
Sound sleep I would lack,
Coz, I have to sing Hush-a-bye.

Sometimes she’d struggle.
I’ll tell her a story.
Of a witch and a muggle.
And their journeys in a lorry.

She would smoothly drift.
Her breath turning calm.
I’d whisper, you’re my gift.
And I’d sleep without a qualm.

©Kavya Janani. U

I wrote this poem in February 2021. I used to make my then 2.5-yo daughter sleep by telling a story about the Nivar cyclone which hit Tamilnadu in November 2020.

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