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Night Questions – Freeverse

Night Questions – Freeverse

Night Questions
(after Sumita Chakraborty)

Where do I stash these flitting thoughts
that have borrowed my voice
and left me with just a sob caught in my throat?

What if there isn’t a new moon at all?
What if it’s just the moon taking a break of its own?

Is the night sky a shade of deep purple to his eyes too?

Can I just start a poem about him, leave it unattended,
and give that poem a heartbreak instead?

Can I call myself an incredible piece of art
on days I feel like giving up?

If I have to consider this mundane as an illusion
and get on with each day, what is reality then?

Can I fold into myself and find my catharsis
in my own bones?

©Kavya Janani. U

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