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NaPoWriMo Day 7 – 30 Letters

NaPoWriMo Day 7 – 30 Letters

30 Letters
(after Jeanann Verlee)

Dear Sweety,
I hope you’re alive. And happy. And the million things that you wanted to be.
Dear Charlie,
No one can replace you in my heart. And I’m not gonna wish you on your birthday.
Dear Sam,
I messed up big time. But I don’t miss you.
Dear Albert,
I just unsaved your number. Now I need not worry about you not saving my number at all. I hope you stay a passing cloud.
Dear Bentley,
We are never ever getting back together.

Dear Michelle,
I pray the potatoes are good to you.
Dear Vincent,
Your music made my bitter days better. I wish I could ask you to play something for me today.
Dear Denise,
No one ever taught me how to heal from friendship breakups. But, thank you.
Dear Kate,
I’m sorry I body-shamed you by making fun of your mouth. I thought I was taking revenge on you for laughing at my butts.
Dear Rhea,
Today my mom made your favourite orangeade that always tastes like a “cloying sunrise”.
Dear Charlie,
I’m not thinking about you ever again.

Dear Sharon,
I hope you’re still talking about sex and self-pleasure to your new friend.
Dear Alan,
I pray that your kids never know about your muddled past.
Dear Sarah,
Envy doesn’t look good on you. Replace it with a compact.
Dear Stephen & Jessie,
I wish you the happiest life ever.
In another world, I’d have said, fuck you both.
Dear Nick,
I’m sorry I couldn’t love you back. But I’m letting you know – I tried.

Dear Sam,
Love never scorched between us. It just simmered.
Dear Charlie,
If longing had a face, it’d look like you.
Dear Paxton,
I guess you’re having a marvellous time ruining my mental health.
Dear Henry,
You cannot be a big brother to everyone.
Dear Pasha,
I still can’t forget your bullying. Please be a good mother to your kids.
Dear Vance,
I heard some woman lodged a complaint against you. It serves you right.

Dear Sweety,
I seriously want to be your best friend again.
Dear Simon,
Are you still in love with me? Just letting you know it’s a bootless errand.
Dear Sebastian,
I wanna get drunk with you and talk to you under the full moon.
Dear Mathew,
Thank you for being my backbone. Everybody should have a buddy like you.
Dear Darla,
You are one god-awesome person. I could watch a thousand sunsets with you.

Dear Ingrid & Pauline,
You both make me love this life like how it is to be loved.
Dear Paxton,
Someday, I’ll cancel my subscription to you.
Dear Albert,
I. Hope. You. Stay. A. Passing. Cloud.

©Kavya Janani. U

This prompt was given by Amy Kay on Instagram – Write an after of Jeanann Verlee’s 40 Love Letters.

I had so much fun inventing these imaginary letters and people.

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