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NaPoWriMo Day 28 – My Memoir (1994-2023): Table of Contents

NaPoWriMo Day 28 – My Memoir (1994-2023): Table of Contents

1. Exceptional baby: Not even a whimper after the first inhale of the earth and its indefatigable spirit? – Pg 6

2. All things green; a year of not choosing purple – Pg 9

3. Of cute frocks, cool shoes, and lots of lies – Pg 12

4. The making of an oddball on the soil of Ernakulam – Pg 15

5. Every day a new fairytale; am I an angel fallen from the sky? – Pg 20

6. The period of ‘I can’t sing the London Bridge rhyme anymore’ and ‘I am flying’ – Pg 26

7. Blush, blush, blush, ouch! – Pg 29

8. The curious case of a self-sabotage incident – Pg 33

9. Suspense behind the trees and infatuation behind my spine – Pg 36

10. Planting a seed for something that would bloom twelve years later – Pg 39

11. Of hospitals and unnoticeable illnesses – Pg 44

12. Pair clandestine – Pg 48

13. A blunder that can’t be undone aka the point to which I should travel in my TARDIS – Pg 53

14. ????? but a shipload of source material – Pg 59

15. What have I done? Did I truly sign up for this forevermore inconvenience? – Pg 69

16. Love in the size of a thousand infinities put together – Pg 77

17. It’s an exquisite trench and I’m blissfully falling in it – Pg 90

18. How many seasons should I live with this pining? But, hey poetry, I owe you big time – Pg 97

19. Delightfully untethered – Pg 100

20. Endless possibilities of new journeys – Pg 108

©Kavya Janani. U

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