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NaPoWriMo Day 17 – Honest Haikus for Women

NaPoWriMo Day 17 – Honest Haikus for Women

Honest haikus for women
(after Emily Knapp)

You let your toddler daughter travel with her dad? What if she needs you?

Yes, I let her go.
It’s that man’s sperm, anyway.
Let me enjoy now.

You’ve lost so much weight.

It’s called denial.
I would love a gourmet meal.
Will you cook for me?

How are you doing so many things?

I die every day.
Would you like to go for it?
Trust me, it’s good fun.

Motherhood has made you beautiful.

Oh, seriously?
I bet you want my beauty.
Can we swap places?

Are you PMSing?

You didn’t make the bed.
You did not do the laundry.
Don’t blame my hormones.

Your child needs a brother or sister to play with.

My body, my choice.
My fucking body, my choice.
Can you hear me?

What do you think of me?

You are an asshole.
You powder my mental health.
Shall I puke on you?

You’re too loud.

Here I go, roarrrrr!
Did it burst your eardrums?
Can I modulate?

You are so pure like the snow.

No, I am the sun.
I like to make people sweat.
Shall I striptease now?

You’re an all-rounder, an inspiration for so many women.

I am a human.
Here’s a piece of my dark soul.
Inspiring much?

©Kavya Janani. U

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