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We Have Said Enough – International Women’s Day Special Poem

We Have Said Enough – International Women’s Day Special Poem

We are made up of swords and daggers. We sprout flowers only if we are treated with respect.

We are termed as sacrificial when all that we sacrifice is our blood, sweat, skin, and our identity. All that strips us of who we are.

We have been scorned by society, yet we strike bonfires on our skin every time someone shames us for being ourselves. We could make rhymes out of all those unsolicited comments made about us.

We are brighter than all the orthodox beliefs, sharper than all the screwed-up brains, and harder than the internalized misogyny many have on their sleeves.

As long as we kill parts of ourselves, others will be safe. Once realization dawns, there will be chaos. You will realize our true Shakthi then.

We are miscreated art, written nightmares, earthquakes, sea-storms, cinder, and smoke.

We will not be silenced, gaslighted, or manipulated.

We are weird, mad, loud, odd, disillusioned, her-parents-did-not-raise-her-right, or any of those 1008 names you call us just because we fight for equality and basic rights.

We have already said enough. Do we have to say more?

©Kavya Janani. U

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