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My Mind Is a Catacomb – Freeverse

My Mind Is a Catacomb – Freeverse

My Mind Is a Catacomb

Trigger Warning: Suicidal thoughts

Typewriter in my mind,
churning suicide notes.
Death-wish rooms itself
As if my cerebrum
is a lavish guesthouse.
A thriving necropolis
occupies my brain cells,
made of the darkness
Milked from my soul.
I have this redundant love
for posthumous fame,
Painted with eulogies
from the known ones,
Who never knew my pain.
My face contorted
in the grey obituaries,
Stony, misunderstood.
Pictures of graveyards
in my sweet dreams,
Definitely not nightmares.

Ah, let the world end!
That’s selfish! End yourself,
my mind admonishes.
Speeding trains are melodies
that sift through my cochlea,
Drumming a funereal song.
Knives look like an elixir.
Poisons, poisons, I search.
Yet, courage defies me.
But do not befriend me just yet.
My body is a trigger warning,
that you can smell ruination
From miles and miles away.
I tie caution tapes around me.
They shield me from insanity.
They feel better than the noose
that always beckons me.

©Kavya Janani. U

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