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My Eden, Those Three Years – Freeverse

My Eden, Those Three Years – Freeverse

It was a honeycomb then.
Now, a bittersweet memory.
Cycling through the streets of my favorite avenue,
with the wind brazing my cheeks,
and my piggy tails dancing to its tune.
Frilled tops, denim, and long skirts.
Trying to keep away from the flirts.
Headphones in my ears, carefreeness as makeup.
Men on motorbikes throwing second glances at me.
A teenager walking with her head bobbing to country music
was a rare sight to behold.
My safe place — a payphone attached to the front
of my favorite shopping complex.
Beige palm cupped over my mouth,
arranging secret meeting places with a boy
who never truly loved me.
My cozy corner — a patch of mosaic floor
between the bed and the wardrobe,
a window above my head, air-conditioner mode,
devouring Enid Blyton or Enchanted Castle,
or sometimes writing too many secrets in a journal that it wept
and bled itself to death one day.
And, my Eden had some movies whose dialogues are stuck
to my upper jaw like bubblegum, and some music that I call home.

©Kavya Janani. U

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