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My Body is Loved – Freeverse

My Body is Loved – Freeverse

This body holds-

An unfertile forehead.
Onion serums never helped.
A little bit baldy,
I’d say to my reflection
and laugh till my belly aches.

A galaxy on my face,
star-crusted, pus-filled.
There are planets, nebulas,
black holes, and comets
on this sebaceous surface.
A face that can hold
so many universes
should be revered, is it not?

Stretches of rivulets
on a little saggy pouch.
A gateway to a new identity,
a kickstart to maternity.
I could also show you
rivulets branching out from
my inner thighs, but they are
a plastered museum.
I cannot rip them apart
to take you on a tour.

Two meaty chunks
nestled near my armpits.
These two carry so much ache
that I wonder if just massaging
would ease their struggles.
But I still flaunt them
like they are a wealth I gained.

A treasure chest under my chin.
Surely it must have
done penance to reach a place
as sacred as my face.
Every time I smile for photos,
it peeps out, photobombing.

Two huge globes protruding
like aesthetic balconies.
Men call them goddesses,
while they walk behind me,
thereby objectifying
in the name of worship.
I know they’d surely etch
those ambrosial mounds
their raunchy memories.

Dried raspberries and cherries
carved onto my skin,
lightning marks, bulbs,
scars like paint stains,
and other remnants of
chronic itching.

This body pushed out life.
This body grew a new organ.
This body holds so much more-
stories of ailments, surgeries,
and quick weight gain,
yet it’s a birthday cake body
that I will never stop loving.

©Kavya Janani. U

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