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Morning Song – Butterfly Nonet

Morning Song – Butterfly Nonet

Morning song
(after Sylvia Plath)

This is a visual poem I wrote during NaPoWriMo 2021. I highly recommend you to look at the image version of the poem below the text version. The poem would look like a butterfly.


Love painted you like a sun-warm peach.
The doctor pronounced your birth time,
placed you atop my soft chest.
My skin coruscated
a new radiance.
I caressed your
tender and

you from me
Severed our cord.
They held you high, while.
I pushed out something else.
An organ that contained the
most edible blue skies and seas.
You were nourished by our Mother Earth

Announcements cut through the silent air.
Yet you wailed, already missing
the palace that nurtured you.
They checked my secretion.
Massaged my belly.
I cringed at the
flowing blood
I turned

sewed me,
like stitching
a torn soft toy.
‘It’s over!’ they said.
I heaved my first sigh.
I bled through all my garments,
yet I stayed awake to watch you
latching onto me, moon-faced cherub.

©Kavya Janani. U

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