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Mathematical Love – Freeverse

Mathematical Love – Freeverse

I preferred sweet-nothings,
instead of trigonometric talks.
Coffee cups, instead of protractors.
Poems, instead of theorems.
Love letters, instead of equations.
Doodles, instead of graphs.
Did I ask for too much?
No. Those were simple things.
I fell in love with someone
who never knew about
finding joy in simplicity.

The mathematician had eyes
only for the nerd.
‘She’ believed in all the algebra
that he talked about.
I, for once, couldn’t get past
my hopeless romantic nature.
Why would he believe in magic,
when there were numbers?
Why would he trust fiction,
when he had facts by his side?

Over the years, he realized
that he had always paid attention
to intelligence and ignored normalcy.
He realized that love came
in simple flavors,
rather than the ostentatious tastes
that his past lovers showed him.
But then it was too late.
Too late to embrace
the simple, simple love.
Too late to forget
the mathematical love.

©Kavya Janani. U

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