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Long Gone – Freeverse

Long Gone – Freeverse

There’s this pocket on a creased old shirt.
I fill it with simple poems.
More and more and more.
The poems begin to dribble out like blood from a deep wound.
My floor is now filled with these secret poems.
I am scared to walk on them, for they’d absorb more pain and turn into a permanent stain.
I don’t want anyone to find patches of darkness in an otherwise luminous house.
So, I wipe them with glossy metaphors and throw the tissues into the public trash can.

Someday, a random person would find them and try to decipher the pain.
Their heart would plummet while reading the intense metaphors that drowned me.
But I’d be long gone by then.
I’d be building poetry domes in the titanic clouds.
I’d be painting all the rainbows with my immortal words.
And then I’d look down and find the random person, my metaphors now a source of healing for him.
I’d be content, finally.

©Kavya Janani. U

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