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Lines for Fortune Cookies – List Poem

Lines for Fortune Cookies – List Poem

Lines for fortune cookies
(after Frank O’Hara)

1. You will eventually find the love you have always wanted, but it will come to you at the wrong time.

2. Learn the algebraic formulas today. They will come in handy someday, like when you want to get back at an annoying ex.

3. You cannot travel back in time. Let that sink in.

4. Your intuition is always correct, but it’s you that’s always wrong.

5. You will be a sponge today, absorbing all kinds of energies, regardless of your mood.

6. This evening will feel like the first sip of strawberry slush. Look forward to it.

7. Your favorite musician will drop a surprise album today, but you will be in no mood to listen to it immediately.

8. In your next life, you will not lead two lives, but the one you’re most passionate about.

9. You will always be in love, no matter how much ever you try to keep your heart empty.

10. Today you will do you. Always you will do you.

11. Unload all that is gnawing at you with the help of art.

12. Everything is publishable. Mind your words.

13. The next person you meet will feel like dappled sunlight on your skin.

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