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Last Night I Told The Moon About You – List Poem

Last Night I Told The Moon About You – List Poem

Last night I told the moon about you
(after Shivani Manohar)

I told her that my poetry would cease to exist if I cut off all contact with you / but I still do because my heart may be strong but it cannot carry the weight of uncertainty / I told her to look after you because my canopy of poems no longer protects you / I told her that I could still brush off verses for you from my calloused fingertips but I don’t and I never will / I told her I would rather crush honeysuckle to feel warm than let your soft voice linger in my mind / I told her she isn’t that beautiful when compared to you, but I am ready to change my mind, now that I want to forget you / I told her the metaphors are killing themselves because I no longer ache for you / I told her that your silence is greater than the silences of a thousand and one nights / and she told me that I am healing and that I need not build a castle for this chaos.

©Kavya Janani. U

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