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I’ve Just Had a Baby – Freeverse

I’ve Just Had a Baby – Freeverse

I’ve just had a baby
(after Annie Ridout)

I’ve just had a baby.
No, I cannot hold her like the nurse instructed me.
I still have the catheter on my left hand.
I don’t want to reply to all the messages.
That doesn’t mean I don’t care about
your heartfelt wishes.
I am just overwhelmed after giving birth
and it takes a lot of time before I can
return to normalcy and return your
messages too.

I’ve just had a baby.
I might look like a zombie, but I can
answer you politely if you are
truly non-judgmental.
I am still recollecting my birth story
to my family members.
Please be patient while I laugh at how
I pooped on the labor bed.

I’ve just had a baby.
I am worried about her not burping
after every feed.
I cannot wear a smile when my lochia
is always making me uneasy.
My mature milk is coming in.
I have engorged breasts and I am
rushing to the hospital in my nightgown.
I haven’t worn a bra and my milk is
dripping inside, staining all over.

I’ve just had a baby.
I would tell you that I am always tired.
On some days, I might not eat like how
a breastfeeding mom should do.
I might not want to mother on some days,
but I would still mother because
I’d choose my baby always.

©Kavya Janani. U

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