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In A World Where I’m Braver – List Poem

In A World Where I’m Braver – List Poem

In a world where I’m braver
(after Bella Townsend)

I design my own moments, fuck destiny / I write what I am scared to write / I tell people to stay away / I let myself wander / I make time for things that matter / I take writing damn seriously / I don’t let love ooze out of my skin for someone who doesn’t love me back / I don’t let others decide my career / I strive to write, read, and breath poetry / I don’t let men claim my heart, instead I give it to them covered in a sheet of rescue remedy / I keep alternatives handy / I soak my demons in acid and forget to take them out / I don’t let people claw at my freedom / I see myself as a ray of sunshine, an accomplishment / I show my middle finger to those who tell ‘no one wants to be associated with a feminist’ / I don’t just tell people, I make them live unconventionally / I say no / a lot of it / I tell people that they are being ridiculous / I thaw my soul and let homesickness seep out of my bones and kill itself, for in this world, I am a born globetrotter.

©Kavya Janani. U

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