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If You Want To Be a Poet – Freeverse

If You Want To Be a Poet – Freeverse

If you want to be a poet-

Wake up every morning and gargle your mouth with metaphors, imagery, alliterations, and whatnot. Change your rhetorical device like you’d change your toothbrush.
While still on an empty stomach, prepare a concoction of love, hope, bliss, pain, grief, loss, anxiety, and rage. Drink it up with no complaints.
If it tastes bitter, chances are that you’d end up with a masterpiece.
Every emotion has to taste bitter to write a good poem.
Freshen yourself, dress up, and sweep the bylanes of heartbreaks with a broom made of well-strung words.

Always sit by the window, for you’d never know when a poem would walk by.
Sometimes, a poem might slip from your fingers, fall to the ground, and shatter into a million pieces.
Don’t worry, it’s just flying away to find its rightful owner.
Sometimes, a poem might hug your knees and beg for a second chance.
Restart it from the beginning and give it a new shine.
Dust the corners of your home thoroughly.
You might never know when a poem would fall from a week-long cobweb.

Let your mind wander while doing the simplest of things, for great art has sprouted while there were dirty dishes in the sink.
Stay drunk on nostalgia, make memories your companion, and channel all your anguish into verses.
Lie, lie a lot. As Anne Carson said, all poets are liars.
But don’t let the truth stick to your bones, for poetry is the outlet through which it can make itself known to the world.
As Sylvia Plath said, everything is writeable.
But not everything or everyone could be turned into a poem. And that’s okay.

When your emotions fail you, turn to nature.
When nature fails you, turn to observations.
When observations fail you, turn to your past.
When your past fails you, turn to your inner self.
There’s so much to turn to when you have decided to become a poet.
Above all, don’t forget to catch the sunsets and rainbows.

©Kavya Janani. U

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