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If I Had to Make a Simile Out of My Depression, I’d Say It’s – List Poem

If I Had to Make a Simile Out of My Depression, I’d Say It’s – List Poem

If I had to make a simile out of my depression, I’d say it’s
(after Caitlin Conlon)

Like walking barefoot in the dirtiest village ever. Like all the night ideas that never come to fruition. Like coffee with a spoon of salt. Like an abandoned street full of beautiful antique houses. Like a house without a balcony. Like the sunset that just goes out of view as soon as I come out to watch. Like reading a Mills & Boons novel while nursing a heartbreak. Like walking among a group of people with the most twisted opinions. Like a dragonfly caught in a jar just to watch it fly around with no escape. Like doing everything that I don’t even want to imagine. Like still wearing a hearty smile though I might be possessed with an imminent panic attack.

©Kavya Janani. U

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