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I Wouldn’t Be Burned in This Village – Burning Haibun

I Wouldn’t Be Burned in This Village – Burning Haibun

They say to cover up my already-clothed chest with a shawl when I step out of the house. But I see an 80-year-old woman sitting on the verandah with one of her breasts popping out of her saree. Doesn’t the male gaze work for her? They thrust a bunch of neem leaves and ask me to tie them to my hair so that the evil spirits won’t bother me. But they also say that their village is the safest place for women. Then why do women need to be saved from evil spirits? They say that I should keep a larger bindi. They smear a whole palm of holy ash on my forehead. My face and body are not mine in this village. They say that women should adjust even if their husbands catch their necks and push them out during a fight. I sit there dumbstruck. What if I am the woman putting up a fight? Would they encourage my husband to push me out? No wonder sometimes women are women’s greatest nemeses. I have to suppress the inherent urge to fight their mouths. They say that city women are spoiled by too much independent thinking. I want to tell them that the taste of independence is hot and sour just like their tastiest chicken curry. I want them to muster the courage to think independently at least once. Have they written off their existence to the men of their life? They say that they burned witches in this village because they broke so many rules and behaved weirdly. Come on, I am a city witch, burn me.


I step out of the male gaze,
thrust a bunch of evil spirits
at their village.
Smear my face and body
with a fight.
They wonder too much.
I taste independence
muster courage
to burn the rules.


I gaze the village
smear too much independence
rage to burn the rules

©Kavya Janani. U

The burning haibun is a new form of poetry invented by torrin. a greathouse. To read more about the form, click here.

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