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I Said I Loved You and You Were All … – Freeverse

I Said I Loved You and You Were All … – Freeverse

You were the incognito search browser that didn’t give any answers to my intense questions.
Your words felt like someone who had swallowed a bitter gourd and didn’t know what to do with their mouth.

You were a fixed deposit whose interest rate never changed during the tenure of my love.
Your reply was the best adornment for my waste-paper basket.

I could have confessed to a stone, instead. It’d have stirred with some emotion.
I know your mind was a gimcrack drawer shrouded with too many things, but you could have kept a space for an appropriate response.

But, hey, it’s you who is pining now, dropping hints, mailing blooms, and initiating conversations.
Look up! I am far ahead of you, focusing on myself.

I said I loved you and you were all …

©Kavya Janani. U

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