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I Fill This Poem – Freeverse

I Fill This Poem – Freeverse

This is a poem with a hole in it.
I fill it with a lot of things-
like how the golden dusk
melts between our entwined palms,
like how summer lodges
in your voice
as you laugh heartily,
like how the soles of my feet
grow wheels and fold my daily life
into a cocoon of monotony,
like how my soul quivers in my chest
with a tsunami of pangs
as I think about that happy year,
like how the softness in friendships
never wanes even after decades,
like how my hazy dreams
make sense
when each calamity unfolds,
like how nothing comes
and everything goes,
like how I try not to feed
the sunnier version of me
to the mouths of darkness,
like how an awakening
tingles my bones,
though the world around me
tries to shut me down,
and like how I have mastered
the art of forgetting
by haemorrhaging my pain
onto the palms of verse.
Now this poem is full.
It’s brimming.
It’s reaping everything I sowed.
Will you read it now?

©Kavya Janani. U

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