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I Am Time – Freeverse

I Am Time – Freeverse


I am the boggling paradox of your life.
I am the beginning.
I am the end.
To me, your souls belong.
I am an endless loop,
an inescapable phenomenon.
I control you,
until you find a way to control me.
I sculpt your past, present, and future.
I decorate your decisions.
I carry you in my heart.
And, yet, you complain about me.
You waste me.
You treat me like dust on your soles.
When you look back,
you’d realize your past is now a dream,
your present is in shatters,
and your future is a question mark.
Believe in me.
Your life will turn into a paradise.
For, I am the beginning.
I am the end.
I am Time.

©Kavya Janani. U

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