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I Am Free – Freeverse

I Am Free – Freeverse

I stand amidst the clouds.
The angels bring me swan-quills
And ink from Calliope’s veins.
I weave my soliloquy
on the parchments,
And Zeus watches over me.
The fairies sing me hymns,
while I wonder at this
Explosive independence
that danced its way towards me.

I am free to write,
Free to choose,
Free to listen,
Free to express,
Free to love,
Free to hope,
and free to sleep.
Oh, is this heaven?
Or, is it an alternate dimension?
Is this a black hole,
that when I wake up
I’d find myself twenty years
Into my past
and relive my life?
But, this is freedom.
Yes, freedom it is.
And nothing fancy
as I mentioned above.

Although the scars
of yesterday remain,
I still open picnic blankets
And place bowls of liberty on them.
These beings never tie my tongue.
They let me howl and wail.
I can conjure up a lagoon
Of hope and happiness here.
Fireworks of independence
dance on my fingertips,
as I finally get to decide
For myself, by myself.

©Kavya Janani. U

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