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Fourteen Short Obituaries for The Modern Woman – List Poem

Fourteen Short Obituaries for The Modern Woman – List Poem

Fourteen short obituaries for the modern woman
(after Auguste White)

1. Kayal died while doing the eleventh dish because her heart couldn’t take the fact that her maid just called up in the morning and quit her job.

2. Just as she touched the feet of the musician whose music saved her life, Sahana dropped dead.

3. When asked what she’d do as a spirit, Preethi replied she’d reel-bomb Instagram celebrities and become viral.

4. Nisha is survived by her family of four cats and a locked storeroom full of unpublished poems.

5. Radha breathed her last as soon as she heard her misogynistic husband say, ‘I cleaned the house.’ The autopsy report revealed sudden shock as the cause of death.

6. Malar ate a few daffodils out of starvation and died chanting Wordsworth’s name.

7. According to her diary, Avanthika contemplated slackening her jaws and swallowing all her ghosts before passing away.

8. Kriti’s last wish was to lead the World Periods Association and abolish menstrual cramps.

9. Lavanya will never be forgotten; her home cooking videos will be reshared a million times for many years to come.

10. Vaishnavi passed away peacefully with the expression of someone who had just gobbled a bowl of instant noodles in terrible hunger.

11. Bhavana would like to be remembered as the charming, lovable woman that she was, but not as someone who was fascinated with blue angel sea slugs and bismuths.

12. Anu was a bohemian forced into monotony. She wanted this to be particularly relayed to all her loved ones.

13. Just as she had run out of metaphors, Clara suffered a cardiac arrest and died with a poem stuck in her throat.

14. Hayathi died correcting the pronunciation of her name for the 5836th time.

©Kavya Janani. U

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