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Forever Is the Sweetest Con – Freeverse

Forever Is the Sweetest Con – Freeverse

Forever is the sweetest con
(written after Taylor Swift’s line from the song ‘cowboy’)

We sit on the rim of the dried-up well.
Young hearts doubled with intoxication.
Our fingers inching forward to entwine.
I ask you, “If I fall headlong into this,
what would you do?”
Would you grieve?
Would you bury your face in your palms?
Would your entire being shake with
the animosity of the incident?
Would you inform my parents?
Would you feel my absence in the air?
As I gaze into your hazel eyes,
I know you wouldn’t.

’Cause, for you, our forever is a mirage.
You’d stand up, dust the mud off your pants
like you are dusting remnants of our
Memories, and reach home hurriedly.
You’d swear that I wasn’t with you.
Even a lie-detector wouldn’t pass through
Your tawny sugar-coated skin.
You’d cover up, you’d get away stealthily.
’Cause, for you, forever love is a fantasy.
You’d find another girl, you’ll make the
Same promises to her.
Hell, you wouldn’t shed a tear!
And, I, I would be a long-forgotten relic,
at the bottom of a dried-up well,
Wisteria growing from my bones.

Some day, you’d come to bury something
Nearby the parched well.
A lone marigold, a ring, or a letter,
I’d never know.
My soul would be reminded of the day
you buried your past lover’s belongings
Amidst the weeds in my backyard.
Did she die the way I did?
Were you a repeat murderer of girls who
Believed in forever with you?
Ah, I’d never know!
And, no, I wouldn’t haunt you.
I would rather haunt someone who
Deserved me when I was flesh and blood.

©Kavya Janani. U

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