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Feelings of a Menstruating Woman on an Escalator in a Metro Station – List Poem

Feelings of a Menstruating Woman on an Escalator in a Metro Station – List Poem

I want to cackle
I want to weep
I want to break the banister of this escalator and scream freeeeedommmm
I want to wobble
I want to collapse
I want to evaporate
Or I want to just dissolve, that’d be better, thank you
I want to scratch my entire body and bleed through every inch of my skin
I want to rip off this mask and blame it for all the pain
I want to curse or cuss
I want a gooey, cheesy chicken burger
Or a mug of chocolate mud shake
I want to climb a tree, sit on a branch until this ordeal ends, and then return home
I want to sing sad songs
I want to demolish every single statue in the city
I want to change my name
I want to cut my hair short and pretend that I am someone else
I want to set the air conditioner to -1 degree celsius
I want to throw up
Or I want to throw all your opinions into the river
I want to become a paper towel sniffer
I want to know the history of everyone I bump into
I want my feet and back pressed
Else, I want to press charges against you
I want to be rude or nasty or cruel
I want to sleep two days straight
I want to freeze time
I want to gouge out the eyes of all my daughter’s dolls
I want to write poems that suck
I want to dress up like a Greek Goddess
I want to toss myself into the garbage van
I want to burp, fart, or just fly with the birds
I want the moon all to myself
I want to stop this
I want to…
I want to send my uterus on a fucking vacation

©Kavya Janani. U

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