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Dreamypoet is now moving to Substack!

Hi readers,

I’m glad to announce that I’ll be permanently moving to Substack. I decided because I can’t cover the costs of running this website. I have already spent much on it but I don’t have any loyal readers. Since my only aim to have a poetry website is to hold all my poetry in one place, I’m not looking to spend any more without any returns for this purpose. Substack is free and it can fulfill my purpose too. Maybe I might gain loyal readers someday and I can get paid through Substack subscriptions. But for now, it’s a goodbye to this website. I painstakingly created it, went through lots of cost issues while running it, and in turn, never received any gratification.

So, see you all at https://dreamypoet.substack.com.

Thanks and regards,
Kavya Janani. U

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